Sharpay Bot Version Comparison
Feature Limited Full
Share buttons for posts in channels
Counting Shares
Counting Visits
Customize share buttons
Emotion buttons
Auto add buttons for all posts

Want all features of Sharpay share bot?

  1. Search and select @SharpayIoBot on Telegram.
  2. Click «Start» to begin.
  3. Choose my language (🇷🇺 / 🇬🇧 / 🇨🇳 / 🇰🇷).
  4. Click «➕ Channel».
  5. Send my public channel name or link to the bot. I will get an instruction message to add the bot to my channel. Follow the instructions.
  6. Go to my Telegram channel and add @SharpayIoBot to my channel admin.
  7. Congratulations! The share buttons will be attached to every new post on my channel.
Change the name of the share button
Ultimate Plan

In the bot menu, click «💬 Button». Choose the name of the button from the suggested ones or send my version of the name of the share button to the bot.

Ultimate Plan

I can add up to 6 emojis for my subscribers to react to my posts.

To customize the emoji buttons, click on the «😀 Reactions» menu. I will see the current look of the buttons and I can send new emojis separated by a space.

Bot Settings
Ultimate Plan

Click on «🛠 Settings» and configure the bot options.

If «Bot active» it will attach Sharpay buttons automatically to all messages I send to the channel.

«Comments» and «Reactions» - control the addition of reaction buttons and comments to the post.

Please note that, it will follow the button settings set by the Admin who added the channel to the bot.

Also in this section I can change the interface language of the bot.

Telegram public channel requirements

I must be the admin of the Telegram channel and that channel must be public when I add it to @SharpayIoBot. If I send a private channel to the bot, it will not work and it will ask me to enter a public channel again.

To change my Telegram channel from private to public, I must be the owner of that channel, I can change my Telegram channel type only on Mobile version or Desktop version (Not on Web version).

Mobile Telegram: Click my channel name and click «Edit». After that, I need to click «link» and I will see «Public» and «Private» options. Choose «Public» and click «Done» to finish.

Desktop Telegram: Click my channel name and click «Manage Channel» in the top menu. Click «Channel Info» and I will see «Public Channel» and «Private Channel» options. Choose «Public Channel» and click «Save» to finish.

After publishing

After publishing a message, I could «Open comments» to write or read comments if I have enabled «✔️ Comments» option. If I want to edit or remove a published message, I can only go to my channel, select the message to edit or remove it.

Manage Channels

I can manage my channels by clicking «⚙️ Channels», and the bot will show me all my connected public channels. I can see «⚙️ Rewards», «✔️» and «🗑 Remove» options.

I can go to «Rewards» and edit my reward methods and the reward size, but in order to do that I need to connect my Telegram account to Sharpay account on

If I check off the «✔️», I will disable the posting function and I will not be able to post any messages to that channel. If I want to disconnect my channel from the bot, I can click «Remove». I can add it back anytime I want by clicking «➕ Channel».

If I have any questions about the bot, I can contact us @sharpay_admin.

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