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  • Sharpay is sharing buttons for websites and Telegram channels that reward users with cryptocurrencies for sharing interesting content on their social networks. Using Sharpay's sharing buttons, users get their cryptocurrency portfolio for free and help promote interesting websites and Telegram channels more effectively on social networks and instant messengers.
  • Sharpay helps active social media users monetize their popularity by earning cryptocurrencies. Users receive rewards for sharing content from the website and for visits by other users to the website.
  • Sharpay uses the official social networking APIs to post content. In order for you to share links with your friends using the Sharpay sharing buttons, you need to activate your Sharpay account through social network accounts.
  • No, you yourself will post content using the Sharpay buttons. Sharpay guarantees that without your knowledge no content will be posted.
  • Binding your social media accounts is required only once. The binding will work until you delete it yourself.
  • Users receive a reward in cryptocurrencies for sharing content from websites on their social networks. Depending on the website’s settings, rewards may be accrued for sharing and visits.
  • Using Sharpay's sharing buttons, websites can reward users with various cryptocurrencies. It depends on the reward settings of each website. The main cryptocurrency of the system is the S (Sharpay) token. It is used by default as a reward, as a utility token for accessing advanced features of the system. The reward can also be accrued in cryptocurrencies from the TOP 100 CoinMarketCap list (smart reward), or in a cryptocurrency of a project using Sharpay sharing buttons on its website or Telegram channel.
  • If the website or Telegram channel uses the smart rewards mode, users will be rewarded with cryptocurrency from the list of TOP 100 CoinMarketCap, which showed the best price increase in the last 24 hours.
  • After accumulating the minimum amount for withdrawal, you can request the withdrawal of cryptocurrency to your wallet or cryptocurrency exchange. The minimum withdrawal amount is in most cases equivalent to $10.
  • In the process of accruing rewards, all sherings are checked for any attempts to cheat. Rewards for sharing are accrued by the website for each confirmed sharing in each social network once every 24 hours. For repeated sharing of the same website in the same social network during the day, no reward is accrued. Also make sure that the website administrator has appointed a reward for sharing. If after 24 hours you have not received part of the rewards and / or their status is «Rejected» in the list of transactions, then such rewards have not passed verification.
  • In the process of accrual of awards, all visits are checked to see if they were organic and whether there were any attempts to cheat. Only organic visits of new website users are counted. If a new visitor follows the same link several times, then the reward is counted only for the first transition. Also, in order for the transition to be taken into account, the visitor must spend some time on the website.
  • Sharpay checks 24 hours all shares and user visits. This is done to avoid abuse and cheating. Rewards will be rewarded for all shares and visits that pass the test.

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